Friday, November 11, 2011

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 DLC Costume leaked

Yep, same day as the reveal of the DLC characters DLC costumes (which will be free for people with MvC3 save data, score) someone got a hold of the Strategy guide and posted all or almost all the DLC costumes. And, well, good news and bad news. We'll get to that in a bit. Let's start the show

Wolverine: Weapon X costume, because that hasn't been done to death yet. Oh well, so much for Days of Future Past Logan.

Hulk: Planet Hulk costume, like I predicted. Good.

Deadpool: He is dressed up like Cable, in the loosest sense of the word. Either Capcom is trolling Cable fans or Deadpool has actually worn this outfit in the comics and I've never seen it.

Felicia: Yellow Iris from Battle Circuit. Did not see THAT coming. Apparently this is a Beat 'em up game Capcom made with a cat girl as a playable character. I think I've seen it before, I just don't know why or where.

Trish: Gloria. Again, just as predicted. Fine, though it still sucks that I'm more or less going to be buying something that was already there.

Amaterasu: Jon Talbain. What. That's just so random. I mean I know who he is, I know they wanted to get him in the game, I just never would have predicted this. Also Missle will probably have this as his DLC color, since I only was Phoenix Wright. We'll get to him in a bit.

Dormammu: Classic Outfit. Great, just like I predicted.

Vietiful Joe: Average Joe. Neat, though I'm not sure what he'll throw for his Voomerang. Maybe his hat? Also another one I predicted.

Tron Bonne: Servbot Head Gustaff. I probably should have seen this coming, but I'm still shocked.

Spider-Man: Scarlet Spider. I know people asked for him, but I just wanted to make a team of former MvC sprites with Cyber-Akuma and Shadow Lady and to get all the Spider-Armors in a single game. Oh well.

Magneto: His House of M outfit. So glad I predicted this last time. It's also apparently inspired by a Spanish King, namely Juan Carlos I. He apparently sued Marvel over them using his image in their comic. Still an awesome costume, hopefully Capcom doesn't face any legal trouble over this.

Nathan "Rad" Spencer: Finally I can use this character without feeling like a tool. He now has his ReArmed look. Again, I predicted this from the very start, all the way before DLC costumes were even a thing

Sir Arthur: Zombie Arthur in his underwear? And he turns into a skeleton when he usually loses his armor. Huh. So much for a Maximo revival.

She Hulk: I've heard this called Lawyer She Hulk and Judge She Hulk. Looks more like a Lawyer to me, and it is again something I predicted. So sad for Savage She Hulk though.

Zero: Okay, remember when I was worried that Capcom was trolling with Deadpool dressed as Cable? Well I really don't know what else to call this: Megaman X as Zero's DLC costume. I am certain this has pissed off a lot of people, although the reactions I've seen so far have actually been much better than expected. I honestly did hope that X would be a fully independent and playable character as DLC. I really don't want to hate Capcom for this, since I think a lot of people have been hating on them recently, but I'm still upset. Well, at least there's still a chance Classic will return.

Shuma-Gorath: Quoggoth. You know, Suma-Gorath's apprentice. The one that appeared in Wolverine: First Class issue #12. The one that doesn't even have a page, even though some warthog named Quog does. Yeah, that's the guy you can play as now. Interesting Side note, Quog actually predates most Marvel characters, having appeared in Marvel Comics Volume 1 issue 1. Yeah, this warthog is older than Captain America. Namor and the Original Human Torch just barely beat by the sheer fact that their stories came first in the issue.

Jill Valentine: Resident Evil 3 costume. Damn. Well that was the game that introduced Nemsis, so they felt it was fitting. Plus it shows enough skin that they can easily put the mind control device on her.

Phoenix: The Jim Lee Jean Grey design. I'm just gonna guess that she still uses the same Dark Phoenix costume, though if they decided to put her in the Black Queen outfit, you won't here me complain.

Mike Haggar: Final Fight 3 costume. Sort of predicted this, and I honestly like this costume the least. I would have preferred any other costume but this.

Taskmaster: UDON costume with hard light shield. I'm a freaking psychic here.

Hsien Ko: Her Sister, as a human. I called the human part, but I actually did think about dressing her up as her sister and might have posted it somewhere.

Ghost Rider: 2099. Awesome. At least it looks like Ghost Rider 2099. He's got metal arms, so that's good enough for me.

Hawkeye: Ronin. Another one I thought off but never put down online.

Firebrand: Red Arremer King. I think I predicted this back when Firebrand was revealed and jsut never posted it.

Doctor Strange: His Blue look from Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Apparently this is Necromancer, Stephen Strange from Counter Earth, which is somehow still in Universe 616. I'm gonna say I called it, but I threw a blanket statement out when I made that prediction.

Nemesis: Him with his shirt off. Gross. Apparently it's supposed to be him during his second mutation or something.

Iron Fist: Ultimate Iron Fist. God DAMMIT! He looks douchey to me. Would have preferred his modern look.

Vergil: Corrupt Vergil (?) Yeah, no idea what that means. Looks a lot like Dante's Sparda costume, but with pointy hair. Maybe my friend knows what it means.

Nova: His Original Look, but without the yellow arms. I guess I predicted this?

Phoenix Wright: Young Phoenix. Damn, I was hoping for Hobo Phoenix, or at least Furio Tigre. Oh well. Wonder what Maya will wear?

Rocket Raccoon: His Grey Furred Green Outfit from his mini-series. Hooray! He isn't wearing pants!

Frank West: His Mega Man costume. Yeah, Capcom is fucking with us.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Alternate Costume Final Follow Up (For Now)

So today brought us the final two color palettes for Rocket Raccoon and Frank West. How do they look? They're alright.

Rocket Raccoon: He has a couple of blue costumes, which are decent, one based on his time working in an office, one from his first appearance in The Incredible Hulk, though not his cover appearance and a camouflage outfit from an upcoming comic. I'm upset he didn't get a green outfit with Grey fur like he did in his own miniseries, so I guess that now has a chance to be DLC. So it's now between that and him with a bubble helmet that he sometimes wears. I'm honestly torn between the two.

Frank West: Frank, like Phoenix Wright, has assistants, namely the zombies, that also receive a color change. First is a wine colored Jacket, which just reminds me that he had a wine colored outfit as DLC from the first Dead Rising. At least I think he did. Anyway, this was the one people thought was from TvC. Next is a White suit with a red shirt that was in Tatsunoko vs Capcom. Also, it makes him look like Tony Montana. Next up is a brown suit that looks kind of like leather, but it's supposed to be like The Godfather, mafia and the like. I personally think it looks ugly. And now we get an actual reference to another Capcom character, Chuck Greene, which probably pisses off Chuck Greene fans, but screw them, we already have Frank West. Finally is Frank with a Dalmatian or Snow Leopard print Jacket, a pink shirt and white pants, to make him look silly. It's not Frank in drag, but it'll do. Not a lot of references to any of Frank's other potential costumes, especially since he got some new costumes as DLC in the new Dead Rising game. So the choices for DLC for him are pretty limitless.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

UMvC3 Alternate Costumes Follow Up

Well it's nine days until release and three days until the final 2 costume sets are revealed, so I think it would be a good idea to take a look back at my last post and see what I got right and what I got woefully wrong. Also, I might add suggestions for DLC costumes

Wolverine: Both of Wolverines new costumes had been revealed when I wrote that last article, so I'm just gonig to add that they should make his Days of Future Past costume his DLC costume to go with the stage and one of Sentinels new colors. More on that in a bit.

Ryu: Predicted both of his new costumes, so off to a good start.

Morrigan: Turns out what we thought has a Lilith costume in MvC3 was just an original color. Now we have a real Lilith color. Also I was right that she'd have another one of her old Alternate Colors.

Hulk: See Wolverine. As for DLC, I'll stick with what I suggested last time, though I'm sure he has plenty of other great costumes, like Mr. Fix-It. Also, did not expect Captain Universe.

Chirs Redfield: A costume based off something he wore in a trailer I never watched and Chuck Greene. I told you I was unfamiliar with Resident Evil. Also, I have trouble believing that those other two costumes are supposed to be Cody and his Safari costume.

Deadpool: Okay, I wrote this before it was revealed that certain costumes would be removed after two of their costumes were revealed(see Hulk and his Captain Universe color replacing his MvC2 color) so for a while, I thought Deadpool was going to get his Orange Frightful Four costume to go with Taskmaster. But he was one of the few who this DIDN'T happen with. So I doubt it will be his DLC costume, but damn would that not be crazy if it was. As for a new suggestion? Something that shows his skin? Dead Man Wade from AoA, maybe his Marvel Girl Costume. Oh, and his new costumes are cool.

Dante: Didn't mention him last time, probably because his costumes had already been revealed. But seriously, Orange Frightful Four costume? The Hell? It's like they're mocking me. You'll see in a moment.

Captain America: Again, didn't mention him because I thought I'd seen all his new costumes. I was wrong. They removed not one but two old colors, his MvC2 teal color and my favorite The Red Guardian color. and for what? The Simpsons Yellow faced AEMH space suit, Bucky Cap, Age of X and Classic Cap. Also Punisher Cap has a new shield with no star. I seriously think the Space Suit colors are poorly done.

Felicia: I was right and wrong. One for a past alt and one for Mary Jane and other Marvel Red Heads. Wrong Spider-Man Romantic interest.

Dr. Doom: Hood Color is cool, gonna miss the second 2099 color, the picture for Death Mask looks orange, which pissed me off, but it's red, so I guess it's cool.

Chun Li: Shadow Lady. This is awesome. Oh and a puzzle fighter color to go with numerous new pink colors. Yay.

Super Skrull: The first two skrull uniforms and the Hank Pym Skrull. I'll miss Red Super Skrull, but I'm more upset at the lack of my suggestions appearing. But they fixed Ultimate Super Skrulls chest, so that's cool. Just wish they'd done the same for Generic Skrull #1's gloves.

Trish: Another Orange costume with no reference point other than Dante has one. I have since come up with a color that could have been used instead: Lucia, the female character from DMC2. Oh, and hooray for Dante and Vergil colors for everyone. Also Rainbow Mika color. That's what that was. And another pink costume.

Thor: Did you know that originally Thor was going to have a Red and gold color scheme that was reminiscent of Iron Man? This actually made me think that all three of Marvels Big Three (Cap, Iron Man and Thor) would have colors reminiscent of each others. Instead we got three Space suit colors, one of which is for Hawkeye, and two of which give the characters jaundice. Unfortunately, the character it would look best (Iron Man) on didn't get it. But Thor's version looks fine. All his colors do. Another character to lose two colors though.

Amaterasu: Awesome new colors, not much to say. I think there was a Black version with blue or yellow stripes, but that might have been fan art, so I doubt it'll be DLC.

Dormmamu: Not much to say here. A bit upset that I'm gonna have to pay to get his old color back.

Viewtiful Joe: I'm just gonna say I don't understand why his beards match his costumes. I know he has red hair and his costume is red, but there is no reason he can't have a blonde beard for his Sylvia costume, for example. Silly mistake that they should have fixed this time around.

X-23: Well, they didn't call it an X-Force costume, and the colors aren't right for it to be an X-Force costume, but I'm still gonna say that I called this one. As for the Kirika costume? Never heard of her, I think. Nice costume, I guess.

Tron Bonne: I've got nothing to add here. Still know idea what here DLC costume will be.

Spider-Man: TOO MUCH BLACK! They replaced his stealth suit with another Big Show costume, the sonic disruptor and brought in his new Spider-Armor. I'm surprised he didn't get some other costume. There's one from the same universe as Death Wish and Death Mask called The Amazing Spider, maybe a Fantastic Four costume. Anything but more black.

Albert Wesker: I've got even less to say here.

Magneto: I think his House of M costume might be neat. Maybe his look from X-Men Evolution, where you couldn't see his face. Oh, and it was the New Mutants that he led, not the X-Men, when he didn't wear his helmet.

Nathan "Rad" Spencer: Still waiting on the DLC costume, which has to be his Re-Armed look. Bling and P.N.O.3 costumes. Meh, not gonna get me to play as him.

M.O.D.O.K.: MODOT and a What If comic. Okay. I also found out about Baby MODOK from Nextwave. I hate being wrong, but these costume are good.

Sir Arthur: Two new original colors, one of them pink. I actually found out that there were new Ghost and Goblins games on touch phones with Percival and Lancelot as playable characters. I actually thought their armor would be costumes, but nope. Old Man Arthur and Pink Arthur. Though this does open more options for DLC costumes. Also there's some sort of Cursed Samurai armor from the last GnG game. So yeah, lot's of options, none of which were chosen.

She-Hulk: They split here old Lyra costume into two costumes, a Fantastic Four costume and a solo Lyra. Also Grey She-Hulk. That was a thing and Howard the Duck was there to see it. So that still leaves Savage She-Hulk's first cover appearance a shot.

Zero: Removed Blue X costume for Hyper Armor X. Hints at bringing actual X or just trolling? No one will ever know. Also one of my ideas for a DLC costume has become a color, black suit didn't make it, probably because of the Bass color, and I was right about Vile. I was also going to guess a Double inspired color. No such luck. So this leaves us with DLC, like my original suggestion of his Round Shoulder Pads look, though some people are worried that he might get an X costume as DLC.

Shuma Gorath: I guess I was right. Here's hoping for Shuma with a Bow Tie for DLC. Not like he has many options.

Jill Valentine: So it was Saki, another P.N.O.3 color, or the first I guess, and a camouflage costume to form a team that wasn't complete yet, with another P.N.O.3 color and another Pink which actually looks kind of like something Ivy from Soul Calibur would wear, if it was more revealing.

Storm and Crimson Viper : Nothing to say here. All their costumes were revealed last time, with only Vipers white and blue one causing any head scratching. I'm just saying it's Abel, but the presence of black instead of Blonde hair causes me to question that decision.

Taskmaster and Haggar: Again, just look back at my last post for my DLC suggestions. Also, it turns out that Haggar was going to wear a dress shirt with suspenders in the cancelled Capcom Fighting All-Stars. It was remembered with Capcom Fighting Jam, which brought over an original character from All-Starts, Ingrid. She would later appear in a PSP re-release of Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX. Street Fighter is weird sometimes.

Sentinel: Right about Nimrod, wrong about Bastion. Not sure how they would have implemented that anyway. Glad to see that one Sentinel type that got used in the Tri-Sentinel was chosen though.

Hsien-Ko: Uh, yeah, Mr. Vampire, Puzzle Fighter and an original color. Yep. Though someone says the green one is actually from Darkstalkers 3 or Darkstalkers Chronicle, so what do I know?.

That about does it. Only Frank West and Rocket Raccoon's costumes left to be revealed. Frank lost his Real Mega Buster move, so that could be a DLC costume, he'll wear at least one of his Tatsunoko vs Capcom colors, the purple one, Rocket has a red outfit and a light blue one with grey fur. I did find that some of the colors actually could have real explanations other than the ones given, mostly Nemesis, who has one for Hypnos(blue) and some creature called Ivan(white). Only ones I hadn't seen any yet last time that I have now are
Nova: Mostly good, but the Kid Nova ones are kind of boring. In fact, Quasar look great, in spite of the fact that Nova as a fighter completely bores me.


Phoenix Wright: They paired the wrong Maya's with the wrong Phoenix's. Mia should go with Godot and Kay Faraday with Edgeworth. I haven't even played that one and I know that. Upset over no Furio Tigre with Viola Cadaverini. Speaking of which, can someone help me find a picture of those two dressed up as Phoenix and Maya? I know it's out there, I saw it. The Dick Gumshoe outfit looks a bit like Winston Payne to me, Nice color combination for Larry Buttz, and the Sissel color is just fantastic. And of course Missile looks amazing, even though they didn't have to change him. Now I have to come up with a costume for him for the DLC. Nick can still be Hobo Nick, Mia can wear Trucy Wright's outfit, though they might make Nick wear Apollo's outfit in that case.

Monday, September 26, 2011

UMvC3 DLC costume Ideas and predictions

Currently Marvel and Capcom have revealed 24 character's costumes and 18 DLC costumes. I'd like to try my hand at guessing what future costumes may be, be they alternate colors or DLC. This is going to be pretty basic, just a list and possible indication of whether or not it's DLC.

Wolverine: DLC, probably him in civilian clothes, possibly as Patch, his alter ego for when he's a bartender in Madripoor.

Ryu: Ken's Gi and blonde hair, Possibly his Evil Ryu costume, or if they wanted to be really crazy, Dan Hibiki's clothes. But we'll probably just end up with more of his old alternate colors. But I would have guessed that for Amaterasu and the canine warriors, and that proved wrong, so who knows, maybe they'll do something surprising.

Morrigan: Not familiar with her or anyone like her, so possibly just more past alternate colors as well. Maybe something from Tatsunoko vs Capcom.

Hulk: DLC, Gladiator Hulk. It's the last notable costume he's worn. Or maybe he'll wear his new Fear Itself outfit.

Chris Redfield: Again, unfamiliar with him. I'm sure they have alternate costumes for him to wear from past games.

Deadpool: DLC, I honestly got nothing. Maybe his his Captain America costume.

Felicia: DLC, her Nun Habit. As with previous fighting game characters, her past alts will probably be recycled. That, or she might wear fur inspired by The Black Cat or other Dark Stalker characters.

Chun Li: See above comments about fighting game characters.

Super Skrull: A Paibok inspired color and a Fantastic Four uniform. Or maybe a Future Foundation uniform to go with Spidey and Dr. Doom.

Trish: A Lady color? I'm really unfamiliar with most Capcom characters. I only know lady because my friend introduced me to the Devil May Cry anime. Maybe a Jester color scheme.

Amaterasu: DLC, Either a Shiranui costume or her Realistic look that you could unlock after beating the game.

Dormammu: DLC, his Classic costume, since they removed this color.

Viewtiful Joe: DLC, not a lot of options. Maybe Average Joe or fully adopting one of the Jet Black costumes.

X-23: Possibly a color inspired by a costume she wore when teaming up with Spider-Man and an X-Force costume.

Tron Bonne: DLC, Probably just another palette swap like Iron Man, this time the "Heroic-Look" for her Gustaff, which is just the Megaman Volnutt color scheme. If they wanted to go crazy, I'd say go with a Wily Machine look or maybe Devilot from Cyberbots.

Spider-Man: DLC, his original Spider-Armor, since it's been in past games and he already has the other two.

Magneto: His helmet-less look from when he led the X-Men

M.O.D.O.K.: Maybe the Hulk Modok from Marvel Adventures and maybe an Arnim Zola color scheme. Maybe a Ms. Modok outfit to go with his MODAM one. I really don't know about his costumes.

Sir Arthur: DLC, a look inspired by Maximo. For standard colors, one ispired by the Arthur of The Knights of the Round game. And I'm sure they can scrounge up another armor color from one of his games. Either that or a Swordsman color to go with Taskmaster's Black Knight

She-Hulk, DLC, Her Savage She-Hulk outfit from her first issues cover. Either that or her in dress clothes, something for court. In that case they can give her a white outfit inspired by the cover.

Bionic Commando: DLC, his Original look. I know you can wear it in the 2009 game, I saw the code in Re-Armed. as for standard costumes, I don't know, maybe a Groeder color and a Megaman Bad Cover art color.

Shuma Gorath: DLC Him wearing a bow tie. Alt colors can just be past colors he's had.

Zero: DLC, his original Round shoulders from the first Megaman X game. That or his look from Megaman Zero. As for colors, his Black suit and a Vile inspired outfit.

Phoenix: DLC: Marvel Girl costume? Rachel Summers outfit? Goblin Queen? Black Queen? The Actual Jim Lee designed outfit? I have no idea, since she still needs some indication or costume change for when she goes Dark Phoenix.

Jill: DLC, either her S.T.A.R.S. or B.S.A.A. uniforms. As for Alt colors, I don't even knwoe the inspirations to the ones she already has.

Taskamster: DLC, His UDON costume, since they removed the color for it.

Mike Haggar: His Saturday Night Slam Master costume. That or one of the Final Fight sequels outfits. Failing that, Dress Shirt and Tie.

Sentinel: Nimrod and Bastion Colors.

Hsien Ko: Just go back and look at what I said about fighting game characters before. I can't even think of a DLC costume for her. Maybe make her human?

Ghost Rider: DLC, Maybe Ghost Rider 2099. Or maybe one of the Ghost Riders from Around the World.

Firebrand: DLC, His armored look from Ghouls n' Ghosts. That or Red Arremer Joker or his look from the cover of Gargoyle's Quest.

Hakweye: DLC, his Modern costume, his Goliath costume or, for irony's sake, as Bullseye.

Dr. Strange: DLC, One of the alternate costumes he had in Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Nemesis: DLC, Uhhhh, I got nothing. Seriously. The closest I can come up with is Zombie Giant Man. I know it's stretching. Do you have any ideas, cause I don't.

Iron Fist: DLC, His Modern look. Easy.

Vergil: DLC, I got nothing here either. It should probably be a parallel to Dante's own though.

The Following characters have had no costumes revealed, so I'm doing the bare minimum here.
Rocket Raccoon: A Green Outfit with Grey fur. For DLC his Bubble helmet from the cover of the Hulk comic he premiered in.

Phoenix Wright: Miles Edgeworth and Furio Tigre colors. When your whole role is to look like the main character, but be a different color, you are destined to be an alt for him. Maybe he'll have some other colors based on other lawyers he knows. DLC, Hobo Wright. Simple as that. That's not a prediction, that's a fact.

Nova: Colors based on other Marvel Space heroes. The Original Captain Marvel costume, Silver Surfer, For DLC, his Original outfit, not his new pointier look.

Frank West: See, here we have a problem. He has a lot of costume options, just all of them are DLC possibilities. I know he has at least a few color options from the Dead Rising costume DLC, like his all white outfit and some of his unlockable outfits, like his Convict outfit. As for DLC, if he doesn't have the Real Megabuster move from TvC, then obviously the Megaman costume. If not, I suggest Chuck Greene's outfit or his Willamette Mall employee uniform. Maybe just him in a dress shirt like I've seen him where. Or put him in one of the most ridiculous outfits he can wear, like the Ratman pajamas or him in his or Sir Arthur's underwear. Just so many options.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


And by it I of course mean Hawkeye showing up. I now give up all my humility when proved wrong with the initial release based entirely on my prediction of Hawkeye. Other characters I predicted would show up: Frank West, Firebrand, Strider Hiryu. Other Characters that are going to be in it: Ghost Rider, Iron Fist, Rocket Raccoon, Dr. Strange, and Nova for Marvel. Which Nova I don't know, but it's probably going to be the Human Torch's Girl friend. For Capcom: Phoenix Wright, Nemesis and Vergil of DMC. Whether or not there will be even more DLC with characters like Doctor Octopus, M. Bison/Vega, Megaman X, or Cyclops has yet to be revealed. But you just know that people will be clamoring for it. Now if only they transfer over your old DLC, I will be a happy gamer. And of course keep coming out with more costumes.

EDIT: Turns out that it is the Nova Corps version of Nova, not the Sentry of Galactus that I predicted. Admittedly that would have been pretty interesting for the final boss fight.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Guess what I'm doing again?

Okay, Wii U has a name. Super Smash Brothers 4 has been confirmed for it and the 3DS. Crazy Character speculation: GO!

First off: The original Twelve and the Melee survivors will surely be in it. As for Brawl survivors, I'm guessing Pit, Lucas, King Dedede, Pokemon Trainer, R.O.B., Diddy Kong, basically everyone will return. The ones I have some doubt of returning are Ike, Lucario, Wolf, Snake and Sonic. The reason for this is because SSB has a history of removing characters, though Ike has the best chance of survival because of how different he is from Marth.
The alternative is that everyone comes back, even the the castoffs from Melee. I think we can all agree that Mewtwo's removal may have been unnecessary. As for new characters, I'm guessing Zoroark or some other Fifth generation pokemon. The Link with probably be based on Skyward Sword's version with a Toon Link from whatever the next thing he appears in will be, or more likely Spirit Tracks. Mario will get his Spinning move reset to his down B move. Assist Trophies will return, with more characters, obviously. This is harder than I thought.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The day has finally come, and by that I mean Sunday

Yes, due to the fact that I had pre-ordered Marvel vs Capcom 3 I got it a couple days in advance, and already there's news of DLC down the line. You know, besides Jill and Shuma-Gorath. Six new costumes for 500 points? Sign me up. And since I pre-ordered it, I got the free comic with art from both the game itself, promotional art and some fan art. As for the comic itself? Well it's only purpose is to give the pretense that the game has any sort of story to it.

Somehow Albert Wesker of Resident Evil got in touch with Doctor Doom and they hatched the evil plan of fusing both of their worlds together, and then conquering them. Doom gathers together some villains from his world, namely Magneto, M.O.D.O.K., The Super Skrull and Taskmaster. Now I should mention that something about this bugs me: Why would these people help Doom? Modok I can understand, since AIM and Doom have worked together in the past(I assume), and Taskmaster is a Mercenary, though World Conquest doesn't seem like his M.O. Meanwhile you have Magneto, who I just never thought liked Doom, they just don't come off as having each others best interests in mind. And that brings us to K'lrt, the Super Skrull. He's an alien, with his own Empire to think of. Why is he paling around with Earthlings? Any way, they need a power source to run the world squishing machine, so Skrull suggest using Galactus' ship. Wesker likes this idea and goes about recruiting... no one. Because Capcom games take place in separate universes, the only other "Bad Guy" he can get is Akuma, who really is only interested in fighting. At least I assume he gets him, since we never see him in the comic.

Flash forward to our heroes beating the snot out of each other, as is tradition is crossovers, when suddenly Galactus shows up. And that's where it ends. The comic has no bearing on the story itself, other than having Dr. Doom, Wesker and Galactus as the Final Boss. He summons Cosmic (read Chrome) versions of either Wesker or Akuma and Doom and Dormmamu, a being who probably outclasses even Galactus. By the way, Galactus is a bitch to fight when compared to Yami, the final boss of Tatsunoko vs Capcom, though he's a lot easier than Abyss. A time limit, a dual boss fight against two Cosmic Character and attacks that drain the health bar you can't see behind Galactus' hugeness faster than a Frat boy drains a keg. Which you can hardly block, i should mention. 38 endings, which means 38 times fighting him, each time with another character having to be put on the bench on the chance that I beat the game with them again.

Aside from Arcade mode, there's the Online tournament scene. I do alright, not great or anything. I managed to beat a guy who beat another guy with eleven wins, so that means I won thirteen times, right? The ranked fights were down today, so I checked out the lobbies, where I accomplished that previous win, snatching it from the jaws of defeat while in my underpants (well my character was in his underpants anyway) and found out that everyone else couldn't get on either. All in all, a very enjoyable experience, though I'm going to have to bone up before Megacon, find out what works for me. If you want to hit me up, my gamertag is EctoBiologist42.