Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The day has finally come, and by that I mean Sunday

Yes, due to the fact that I had pre-ordered Marvel vs Capcom 3 I got it a couple days in advance, and already there's news of DLC down the line. You know, besides Jill and Shuma-Gorath. Six new costumes for 500 points? Sign me up. And since I pre-ordered it, I got the free comic with art from both the game itself, promotional art and some fan art. As for the comic itself? Well it's only purpose is to give the pretense that the game has any sort of story to it.

Somehow Albert Wesker of Resident Evil got in touch with Doctor Doom and they hatched the evil plan of fusing both of their worlds together, and then conquering them. Doom gathers together some villains from his world, namely Magneto, M.O.D.O.K., The Super Skrull and Taskmaster. Now I should mention that something about this bugs me: Why would these people help Doom? Modok I can understand, since AIM and Doom have worked together in the past(I assume), and Taskmaster is a Mercenary, though World Conquest doesn't seem like his M.O. Meanwhile you have Magneto, who I just never thought liked Doom, they just don't come off as having each others best interests in mind. And that brings us to K'lrt, the Super Skrull. He's an alien, with his own Empire to think of. Why is he paling around with Earthlings? Any way, they need a power source to run the world squishing machine, so Skrull suggest using Galactus' ship. Wesker likes this idea and goes about recruiting... no one. Because Capcom games take place in separate universes, the only other "Bad Guy" he can get is Akuma, who really is only interested in fighting. At least I assume he gets him, since we never see him in the comic.

Flash forward to our heroes beating the snot out of each other, as is tradition is crossovers, when suddenly Galactus shows up. And that's where it ends. The comic has no bearing on the story itself, other than having Dr. Doom, Wesker and Galactus as the Final Boss. He summons Cosmic (read Chrome) versions of either Wesker or Akuma and Doom and Dormmamu, a being who probably outclasses even Galactus. By the way, Galactus is a bitch to fight when compared to Yami, the final boss of Tatsunoko vs Capcom, though he's a lot easier than Abyss. A time limit, a dual boss fight against two Cosmic Character and attacks that drain the health bar you can't see behind Galactus' hugeness faster than a Frat boy drains a keg. Which you can hardly block, i should mention. 38 endings, which means 38 times fighting him, each time with another character having to be put on the bench on the chance that I beat the game with them again.

Aside from Arcade mode, there's the Online tournament scene. I do alright, not great or anything. I managed to beat a guy who beat another guy with eleven wins, so that means I won thirteen times, right? The ranked fights were down today, so I checked out the lobbies, where I accomplished that previous win, snatching it from the jaws of defeat while in my underpants (well my character was in his underpants anyway) and found out that everyone else couldn't get on either. All in all, a very enjoyable experience, though I'm going to have to bone up before Megacon, find out what works for me. If you want to hit me up, my gamertag is EctoBiologist42.

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