Friday, November 11, 2011

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 DLC Costume leaked

Yep, same day as the reveal of the DLC characters DLC costumes (which will be free for people with MvC3 save data, score) someone got a hold of the Strategy guide and posted all or almost all the DLC costumes. And, well, good news and bad news. We'll get to that in a bit. Let's start the show

Wolverine: Weapon X costume, because that hasn't been done to death yet. Oh well, so much for Days of Future Past Logan.

Hulk: Planet Hulk costume, like I predicted. Good.

Deadpool: He is dressed up like Cable, in the loosest sense of the word. Either Capcom is trolling Cable fans or Deadpool has actually worn this outfit in the comics and I've never seen it.

Felicia: Yellow Iris from Battle Circuit. Did not see THAT coming. Apparently this is a Beat 'em up game Capcom made with a cat girl as a playable character. I think I've seen it before, I just don't know why or where.

Trish: Gloria. Again, just as predicted. Fine, though it still sucks that I'm more or less going to be buying something that was already there.

Amaterasu: Jon Talbain. What. That's just so random. I mean I know who he is, I know they wanted to get him in the game, I just never would have predicted this. Also Missle will probably have this as his DLC color, since I only was Phoenix Wright. We'll get to him in a bit.

Dormammu: Classic Outfit. Great, just like I predicted.

Vietiful Joe: Average Joe. Neat, though I'm not sure what he'll throw for his Voomerang. Maybe his hat? Also another one I predicted.

Tron Bonne: Servbot Head Gustaff. I probably should have seen this coming, but I'm still shocked.

Spider-Man: Scarlet Spider. I know people asked for him, but I just wanted to make a team of former MvC sprites with Cyber-Akuma and Shadow Lady and to get all the Spider-Armors in a single game. Oh well.

Magneto: His House of M outfit. So glad I predicted this last time. It's also apparently inspired by a Spanish King, namely Juan Carlos I. He apparently sued Marvel over them using his image in their comic. Still an awesome costume, hopefully Capcom doesn't face any legal trouble over this.

Nathan "Rad" Spencer: Finally I can use this character without feeling like a tool. He now has his ReArmed look. Again, I predicted this from the very start, all the way before DLC costumes were even a thing

Sir Arthur: Zombie Arthur in his underwear? And he turns into a skeleton when he usually loses his armor. Huh. So much for a Maximo revival.

She Hulk: I've heard this called Lawyer She Hulk and Judge She Hulk. Looks more like a Lawyer to me, and it is again something I predicted. So sad for Savage She Hulk though.

Zero: Okay, remember when I was worried that Capcom was trolling with Deadpool dressed as Cable? Well I really don't know what else to call this: Megaman X as Zero's DLC costume. I am certain this has pissed off a lot of people, although the reactions I've seen so far have actually been much better than expected. I honestly did hope that X would be a fully independent and playable character as DLC. I really don't want to hate Capcom for this, since I think a lot of people have been hating on them recently, but I'm still upset. Well, at least there's still a chance Classic will return.

Shuma-Gorath: Quoggoth. You know, Suma-Gorath's apprentice. The one that appeared in Wolverine: First Class issue #12. The one that doesn't even have a page, even though some warthog named Quog does. Yeah, that's the guy you can play as now. Interesting Side note, Quog actually predates most Marvel characters, having appeared in Marvel Comics Volume 1 issue 1. Yeah, this warthog is older than Captain America. Namor and the Original Human Torch just barely beat by the sheer fact that their stories came first in the issue.

Jill Valentine: Resident Evil 3 costume. Damn. Well that was the game that introduced Nemsis, so they felt it was fitting. Plus it shows enough skin that they can easily put the mind control device on her.

Phoenix: The Jim Lee Jean Grey design. I'm just gonna guess that she still uses the same Dark Phoenix costume, though if they decided to put her in the Black Queen outfit, you won't here me complain.

Mike Haggar: Final Fight 3 costume. Sort of predicted this, and I honestly like this costume the least. I would have preferred any other costume but this.

Taskmaster: UDON costume with hard light shield. I'm a freaking psychic here.

Hsien Ko: Her Sister, as a human. I called the human part, but I actually did think about dressing her up as her sister and might have posted it somewhere.

Ghost Rider: 2099. Awesome. At least it looks like Ghost Rider 2099. He's got metal arms, so that's good enough for me.

Hawkeye: Ronin. Another one I thought off but never put down online.

Firebrand: Red Arremer King. I think I predicted this back when Firebrand was revealed and jsut never posted it.

Doctor Strange: His Blue look from Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Apparently this is Necromancer, Stephen Strange from Counter Earth, which is somehow still in Universe 616. I'm gonna say I called it, but I threw a blanket statement out when I made that prediction.

Nemesis: Him with his shirt off. Gross. Apparently it's supposed to be him during his second mutation or something.

Iron Fist: Ultimate Iron Fist. God DAMMIT! He looks douchey to me. Would have preferred his modern look.

Vergil: Corrupt Vergil (?) Yeah, no idea what that means. Looks a lot like Dante's Sparda costume, but with pointy hair. Maybe my friend knows what it means.

Nova: His Original Look, but without the yellow arms. I guess I predicted this?

Phoenix Wright: Young Phoenix. Damn, I was hoping for Hobo Phoenix, or at least Furio Tigre. Oh well. Wonder what Maya will wear?

Rocket Raccoon: His Grey Furred Green Outfit from his mini-series. Hooray! He isn't wearing pants!

Frank West: His Mega Man costume. Yeah, Capcom is fucking with us.

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