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UMvC3 Alternate Costumes Follow Up

Well it's nine days until release and three days until the final 2 costume sets are revealed, so I think it would be a good idea to take a look back at my last post and see what I got right and what I got woefully wrong. Also, I might add suggestions for DLC costumes

Wolverine: Both of Wolverines new costumes had been revealed when I wrote that last article, so I'm just gonig to add that they should make his Days of Future Past costume his DLC costume to go with the stage and one of Sentinels new colors. More on that in a bit.

Ryu: Predicted both of his new costumes, so off to a good start.

Morrigan: Turns out what we thought has a Lilith costume in MvC3 was just an original color. Now we have a real Lilith color. Also I was right that she'd have another one of her old Alternate Colors.

Hulk: See Wolverine. As for DLC, I'll stick with what I suggested last time, though I'm sure he has plenty of other great costumes, like Mr. Fix-It. Also, did not expect Captain Universe.

Chirs Redfield: A costume based off something he wore in a trailer I never watched and Chuck Greene. I told you I was unfamiliar with Resident Evil. Also, I have trouble believing that those other two costumes are supposed to be Cody and his Safari costume.

Deadpool: Okay, I wrote this before it was revealed that certain costumes would be removed after two of their costumes were revealed(see Hulk and his Captain Universe color replacing his MvC2 color) so for a while, I thought Deadpool was going to get his Orange Frightful Four costume to go with Taskmaster. But he was one of the few who this DIDN'T happen with. So I doubt it will be his DLC costume, but damn would that not be crazy if it was. As for a new suggestion? Something that shows his skin? Dead Man Wade from AoA, maybe his Marvel Girl Costume. Oh, and his new costumes are cool.

Dante: Didn't mention him last time, probably because his costumes had already been revealed. But seriously, Orange Frightful Four costume? The Hell? It's like they're mocking me. You'll see in a moment.

Captain America: Again, didn't mention him because I thought I'd seen all his new costumes. I was wrong. They removed not one but two old colors, his MvC2 teal color and my favorite The Red Guardian color. and for what? The Simpsons Yellow faced AEMH space suit, Bucky Cap, Age of X and Classic Cap. Also Punisher Cap has a new shield with no star. I seriously think the Space Suit colors are poorly done.

Felicia: I was right and wrong. One for a past alt and one for Mary Jane and other Marvel Red Heads. Wrong Spider-Man Romantic interest.

Dr. Doom: Hood Color is cool, gonna miss the second 2099 color, the picture for Death Mask looks orange, which pissed me off, but it's red, so I guess it's cool.

Chun Li: Shadow Lady. This is awesome. Oh and a puzzle fighter color to go with numerous new pink colors. Yay.

Super Skrull: The first two skrull uniforms and the Hank Pym Skrull. I'll miss Red Super Skrull, but I'm more upset at the lack of my suggestions appearing. But they fixed Ultimate Super Skrulls chest, so that's cool. Just wish they'd done the same for Generic Skrull #1's gloves.

Trish: Another Orange costume with no reference point other than Dante has one. I have since come up with a color that could have been used instead: Lucia, the female character from DMC2. Oh, and hooray for Dante and Vergil colors for everyone. Also Rainbow Mika color. That's what that was. And another pink costume.

Thor: Did you know that originally Thor was going to have a Red and gold color scheme that was reminiscent of Iron Man? This actually made me think that all three of Marvels Big Three (Cap, Iron Man and Thor) would have colors reminiscent of each others. Instead we got three Space suit colors, one of which is for Hawkeye, and two of which give the characters jaundice. Unfortunately, the character it would look best (Iron Man) on didn't get it. But Thor's version looks fine. All his colors do. Another character to lose two colors though.

Amaterasu: Awesome new colors, not much to say. I think there was a Black version with blue or yellow stripes, but that might have been fan art, so I doubt it'll be DLC.

Dormmamu: Not much to say here. A bit upset that I'm gonna have to pay to get his old color back.

Viewtiful Joe: I'm just gonna say I don't understand why his beards match his costumes. I know he has red hair and his costume is red, but there is no reason he can't have a blonde beard for his Sylvia costume, for example. Silly mistake that they should have fixed this time around.

X-23: Well, they didn't call it an X-Force costume, and the colors aren't right for it to be an X-Force costume, but I'm still gonna say that I called this one. As for the Kirika costume? Never heard of her, I think. Nice costume, I guess.

Tron Bonne: I've got nothing to add here. Still know idea what here DLC costume will be.

Spider-Man: TOO MUCH BLACK! They replaced his stealth suit with another Big Show costume, the sonic disruptor and brought in his new Spider-Armor. I'm surprised he didn't get some other costume. There's one from the same universe as Death Wish and Death Mask called The Amazing Spider, maybe a Fantastic Four costume. Anything but more black.

Albert Wesker: I've got even less to say here.

Magneto: I think his House of M costume might be neat. Maybe his look from X-Men Evolution, where you couldn't see his face. Oh, and it was the New Mutants that he led, not the X-Men, when he didn't wear his helmet.

Nathan "Rad" Spencer: Still waiting on the DLC costume, which has to be his Re-Armed look. Bling and P.N.O.3 costumes. Meh, not gonna get me to play as him.

M.O.D.O.K.: MODOT and a What If comic. Okay. I also found out about Baby MODOK from Nextwave. I hate being wrong, but these costume are good.

Sir Arthur: Two new original colors, one of them pink. I actually found out that there were new Ghost and Goblins games on touch phones with Percival and Lancelot as playable characters. I actually thought their armor would be costumes, but nope. Old Man Arthur and Pink Arthur. Though this does open more options for DLC costumes. Also there's some sort of Cursed Samurai armor from the last GnG game. So yeah, lot's of options, none of which were chosen.

She-Hulk: They split here old Lyra costume into two costumes, a Fantastic Four costume and a solo Lyra. Also Grey She-Hulk. That was a thing and Howard the Duck was there to see it. So that still leaves Savage She-Hulk's first cover appearance a shot.

Zero: Removed Blue X costume for Hyper Armor X. Hints at bringing actual X or just trolling? No one will ever know. Also one of my ideas for a DLC costume has become a color, black suit didn't make it, probably because of the Bass color, and I was right about Vile. I was also going to guess a Double inspired color. No such luck. So this leaves us with DLC, like my original suggestion of his Round Shoulder Pads look, though some people are worried that he might get an X costume as DLC.

Shuma Gorath: I guess I was right. Here's hoping for Shuma with a Bow Tie for DLC. Not like he has many options.

Jill Valentine: So it was Saki, another P.N.O.3 color, or the first I guess, and a camouflage costume to form a team that wasn't complete yet, with another P.N.O.3 color and another Pink which actually looks kind of like something Ivy from Soul Calibur would wear, if it was more revealing.

Storm and Crimson Viper : Nothing to say here. All their costumes were revealed last time, with only Vipers white and blue one causing any head scratching. I'm just saying it's Abel, but the presence of black instead of Blonde hair causes me to question that decision.

Taskmaster and Haggar: Again, just look back at my last post for my DLC suggestions. Also, it turns out that Haggar was going to wear a dress shirt with suspenders in the cancelled Capcom Fighting All-Stars. It was remembered with Capcom Fighting Jam, which brought over an original character from All-Starts, Ingrid. She would later appear in a PSP re-release of Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX. Street Fighter is weird sometimes.

Sentinel: Right about Nimrod, wrong about Bastion. Not sure how they would have implemented that anyway. Glad to see that one Sentinel type that got used in the Tri-Sentinel was chosen though.

Hsien-Ko: Uh, yeah, Mr. Vampire, Puzzle Fighter and an original color. Yep. Though someone says the green one is actually from Darkstalkers 3 or Darkstalkers Chronicle, so what do I know?.

That about does it. Only Frank West and Rocket Raccoon's costumes left to be revealed. Frank lost his Real Mega Buster move, so that could be a DLC costume, he'll wear at least one of his Tatsunoko vs Capcom colors, the purple one, Rocket has a red outfit and a light blue one with grey fur. I did find that some of the colors actually could have real explanations other than the ones given, mostly Nemesis, who has one for Hypnos(blue) and some creature called Ivan(white). Only ones I hadn't seen any yet last time that I have now are
Nova: Mostly good, but the Kid Nova ones are kind of boring. In fact, Quasar look great, in spite of the fact that Nova as a fighter completely bores me.


Phoenix Wright: They paired the wrong Maya's with the wrong Phoenix's. Mia should go with Godot and Kay Faraday with Edgeworth. I haven't even played that one and I know that. Upset over no Furio Tigre with Viola Cadaverini. Speaking of which, can someone help me find a picture of those two dressed up as Phoenix and Maya? I know it's out there, I saw it. The Dick Gumshoe outfit looks a bit like Winston Payne to me, Nice color combination for Larry Buttz, and the Sissel color is just fantastic. And of course Missile looks amazing, even though they didn't have to change him. Now I have to come up with a costume for him for the DLC. Nick can still be Hobo Nick, Mia can wear Trucy Wright's outfit, though they might make Nick wear Apollo's outfit in that case.

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