Thursday, January 27, 2011

And there goes what little faith I had in that stupid grid

With this new announcement what ever faith I had in my little chart from way back when has been shattered. Sentinel and Hsien Ko are the two newest additions to Marvel vs Capcom 3's roster of fighters. Add to that the confirmation that Frank West and the original Mega Man won't be in it (at least at launch)completely and totally disproves my previous assumptions. I hear by renounce any and all faith that the characters from that list will be in MvC3 (from the get go.) So, I suppose I should at least give part of the story, huh? Well Frank is mostly complete, but was cut at a late stage in development, Mega Man was deemed "too hard to adapt for a fighting game", despite the fact that he's been in at least the first two. Something about him having "too many possible weapons" and being "difficult to adapt for MvC3." I'm paraphrasing here. As for the announcement of Sentinel and Hsien Ko? Well, color me surprised. I mean, it's not like I'm upset that they're going to be in, it's just that they were seriously at the bottom of my list of possibilities. Well, at least we can now predict 90% of the teams you're going to face online. Hello Storm/Magneto/Sentinel spam fest. But hey, maybe this might help get us a new Dark Stalkers game? Maybe?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Well this puts a hole in my foot.

This is the latest trailer for Marvel vs Capcom 3, and as you can plainly see, neither character in it was on the image I had been using to make my predictions. I am now no longer using it as concrete fact, but instead as a sort of wish list of characters I'd like to see in the future, perhaps. But on to the characters. First off, we have Akuma, evil brother of Ryu and Ken's master Gouken. At first I thought it was odd that they'd include him, due to his similarity to Ryu, but watching him in action made me realize they were different enough to co-exist alongside one another. Not sure what this means for M. Bison though. He would have been perfect for Doom and Wesker's paln, but I suppose Akuma works as well. But the important part of the video is Taskmaster. I don't actually know that much about him, but he seems to be on the same par of seriousness as Deadpool, and that he's voiced by Steve Blum, my all time favorite voice actor. Judging from the video, he'll use other characters moves, such as Captain America's Shield, Black Knights Sword, and Spidey's swing. Oddly enough, he has a bow, but as far as I can tell, no one who's been announced so far uses a bow. Gee, I wonder what this could mean?


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Phoenix To Join MvC3. In Other news: obscure blogger posts retraction

Okay, so Jean Grey is now joining the fight in Marvel vs Capcom 3, thus rendering the roster I've been using false. I will go so far as to say that the Marvel side is now more or less debunked, but still hold out hope that most of the Capcom side remains true. I won't hold my breath for Red Arremer now, though. I saw Hagger, I know he'll be announced, as will Mega Man.

This will of course be Jean Grey's first appearance in the MvC franchise, and she will be bringing along both of her split personalities. It seems that you can heal herself with one of her super moves, and will turn into the more violent, and presumably stronger, Dark Phoenix personality when her health runs out. Healing seems to be limited to the same you would get for tagging out, only a lot quicker. It is seems that you need to have a full special gauge to perform the transition to Dark Phoenix, who's health gradually drains fairly quickly. Her counterpart from the Capcom has yet to be revealed, though we can probably bet on it being within the next week. As for who will will out the rest of the Marvel side, I can't say for now, all things considered. I'll still hold out hope for Ms. Marvel and perhaps Howard the Duck, but I am now less willing to bet money on this. Granted, I did once give that roster a mulligan for the Marvel side, one to counteract Strider being deconfirmed, so maybe this is it, and we'll find out who she replaced, my bet being Spider-Woman.
-edit- Alright, We've got our Capcom counterpart in the form of The Mayor of Metro City (he's coming to take your life) Mike Haggar.

He obviously plays like Zangief of Street Fighter fame, which is only natural considering their relation. Mike trained Zangief's friend Aleksy Zalazof in Saturday Night Slam Masters. They've also traded moves back and forth through out the years,eventually lending some moves to Frank West of Dead Rising fame. What this means for Zangief's chances of getting in to MvC3, I can't say. At best they're not good. As for Frank West, he's still got a chance though. In conclusion, I will leave you with this.