Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Alternate Costume Final Follow Up (For Now)

So today brought us the final two color palettes for Rocket Raccoon and Frank West. How do they look? They're alright.

Rocket Raccoon: He has a couple of blue costumes, which are decent, one based on his time working in an office, one from his first appearance in The Incredible Hulk, though not his cover appearance and a camouflage outfit from an upcoming comic. I'm upset he didn't get a green outfit with Grey fur like he did in his own miniseries, so I guess that now has a chance to be DLC. So it's now between that and him with a bubble helmet that he sometimes wears. I'm honestly torn between the two.

Frank West: Frank, like Phoenix Wright, has assistants, namely the zombies, that also receive a color change. First is a wine colored Jacket, which just reminds me that he had a wine colored outfit as DLC from the first Dead Rising. At least I think he did. Anyway, this was the one people thought was from TvC. Next is a White suit with a red shirt that was in Tatsunoko vs Capcom. Also, it makes him look like Tony Montana. Next up is a brown suit that looks kind of like leather, but it's supposed to be like The Godfather, mafia and the like. I personally think it looks ugly. And now we get an actual reference to another Capcom character, Chuck Greene, which probably pisses off Chuck Greene fans, but screw them, we already have Frank West. Finally is Frank with a Dalmatian or Snow Leopard print Jacket, a pink shirt and white pants, to make him look silly. It's not Frank in drag, but it'll do. Not a lot of references to any of Frank's other potential costumes, especially since he got some new costumes as DLC in the new Dead Rising game. So the choices for DLC for him are pretty limitless.

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