Monday, September 26, 2011

UMvC3 DLC costume Ideas and predictions

Currently Marvel and Capcom have revealed 24 character's costumes and 18 DLC costumes. I'd like to try my hand at guessing what future costumes may be, be they alternate colors or DLC. This is going to be pretty basic, just a list and possible indication of whether or not it's DLC.

Wolverine: DLC, probably him in civilian clothes, possibly as Patch, his alter ego for when he's a bartender in Madripoor.

Ryu: Ken's Gi and blonde hair, Possibly his Evil Ryu costume, or if they wanted to be really crazy, Dan Hibiki's clothes. But we'll probably just end up with more of his old alternate colors. But I would have guessed that for Amaterasu and the canine warriors, and that proved wrong, so who knows, maybe they'll do something surprising.

Morrigan: Not familiar with her or anyone like her, so possibly just more past alternate colors as well. Maybe something from Tatsunoko vs Capcom.

Hulk: DLC, Gladiator Hulk. It's the last notable costume he's worn. Or maybe he'll wear his new Fear Itself outfit.

Chris Redfield: Again, unfamiliar with him. I'm sure they have alternate costumes for him to wear from past games.

Deadpool: DLC, I honestly got nothing. Maybe his his Captain America costume.

Felicia: DLC, her Nun Habit. As with previous fighting game characters, her past alts will probably be recycled. That, or she might wear fur inspired by The Black Cat or other Dark Stalker characters.

Chun Li: See above comments about fighting game characters.

Super Skrull: A Paibok inspired color and a Fantastic Four uniform. Or maybe a Future Foundation uniform to go with Spidey and Dr. Doom.

Trish: A Lady color? I'm really unfamiliar with most Capcom characters. I only know lady because my friend introduced me to the Devil May Cry anime. Maybe a Jester color scheme.

Amaterasu: DLC, Either a Shiranui costume or her Realistic look that you could unlock after beating the game.

Dormammu: DLC, his Classic costume, since they removed this color.

Viewtiful Joe: DLC, not a lot of options. Maybe Average Joe or fully adopting one of the Jet Black costumes.

X-23: Possibly a color inspired by a costume she wore when teaming up with Spider-Man and an X-Force costume.

Tron Bonne: DLC, Probably just another palette swap like Iron Man, this time the "Heroic-Look" for her Gustaff, which is just the Megaman Volnutt color scheme. If they wanted to go crazy, I'd say go with a Wily Machine look or maybe Devilot from Cyberbots.

Spider-Man: DLC, his original Spider-Armor, since it's been in past games and he already has the other two.

Magneto: His helmet-less look from when he led the X-Men

M.O.D.O.K.: Maybe the Hulk Modok from Marvel Adventures and maybe an Arnim Zola color scheme. Maybe a Ms. Modok outfit to go with his MODAM one. I really don't know about his costumes.

Sir Arthur: DLC, a look inspired by Maximo. For standard colors, one ispired by the Arthur of The Knights of the Round game. And I'm sure they can scrounge up another armor color from one of his games. Either that or a Swordsman color to go with Taskmaster's Black Knight

She-Hulk, DLC, Her Savage She-Hulk outfit from her first issues cover. Either that or her in dress clothes, something for court. In that case they can give her a white outfit inspired by the cover.

Bionic Commando: DLC, his Original look. I know you can wear it in the 2009 game, I saw the code in Re-Armed. as for standard costumes, I don't know, maybe a Groeder color and a Megaman Bad Cover art color.

Shuma Gorath: DLC Him wearing a bow tie. Alt colors can just be past colors he's had.

Zero: DLC, his original Round shoulders from the first Megaman X game. That or his look from Megaman Zero. As for colors, his Black suit and a Vile inspired outfit.

Phoenix: DLC: Marvel Girl costume? Rachel Summers outfit? Goblin Queen? Black Queen? The Actual Jim Lee designed outfit? I have no idea, since she still needs some indication or costume change for when she goes Dark Phoenix.

Jill: DLC, either her S.T.A.R.S. or B.S.A.A. uniforms. As for Alt colors, I don't even knwoe the inspirations to the ones she already has.

Taskamster: DLC, His UDON costume, since they removed the color for it.

Mike Haggar: His Saturday Night Slam Master costume. That or one of the Final Fight sequels outfits. Failing that, Dress Shirt and Tie.

Sentinel: Nimrod and Bastion Colors.

Hsien Ko: Just go back and look at what I said about fighting game characters before. I can't even think of a DLC costume for her. Maybe make her human?

Ghost Rider: DLC, Maybe Ghost Rider 2099. Or maybe one of the Ghost Riders from Around the World.

Firebrand: DLC, His armored look from Ghouls n' Ghosts. That or Red Arremer Joker or his look from the cover of Gargoyle's Quest.

Hakweye: DLC, his Modern costume, his Goliath costume or, for irony's sake, as Bullseye.

Dr. Strange: DLC, One of the alternate costumes he had in Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Nemesis: DLC, Uhhhh, I got nothing. Seriously. The closest I can come up with is Zombie Giant Man. I know it's stretching. Do you have any ideas, cause I don't.

Iron Fist: DLC, His Modern look. Easy.

Vergil: DLC, I got nothing here either. It should probably be a parallel to Dante's own though.

The Following characters have had no costumes revealed, so I'm doing the bare minimum here.
Rocket Raccoon: A Green Outfit with Grey fur. For DLC his Bubble helmet from the cover of the Hulk comic he premiered in.

Phoenix Wright: Miles Edgeworth and Furio Tigre colors. When your whole role is to look like the main character, but be a different color, you are destined to be an alt for him. Maybe he'll have some other colors based on other lawyers he knows. DLC, Hobo Wright. Simple as that. That's not a prediction, that's a fact.

Nova: Colors based on other Marvel Space heroes. The Original Captain Marvel costume, Silver Surfer, For DLC, his Original outfit, not his new pointier look.

Frank West: See, here we have a problem. He has a lot of costume options, just all of them are DLC possibilities. I know he has at least a few color options from the Dead Rising costume DLC, like his all white outfit and some of his unlockable outfits, like his Convict outfit. As for DLC, if he doesn't have the Real Megabuster move from TvC, then obviously the Megaman costume. If not, I suggest Chuck Greene's outfit or his Willamette Mall employee uniform. Maybe just him in a dress shirt like I've seen him where. Or put him in one of the most ridiculous outfits he can wear, like the Ratman pajamas or him in his or Sir Arthur's underwear. Just so many options.

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