Thursday, September 17, 2009

Top 5 Mad Scientists Part 1

I'd just like to draw some attention to some attention to some of the less appreciated individuals in the science community, that of the mads. Too long now have they been cast in a negative light, always equated with horrible abominations against God. Not all are complete monsters, and are merely misunderstood. Or is it underestimated. I always get those to confused. Without further ado, here are my top five Mad scientists on the web right now.

5. Dr. Insano. Whether it be utilizing the Giant Robot Neutro to destroy his enemy's house, or letting loose fire apes that are on fire to cause rampant chaos, or simply bringing SCIENCE into a shootout, Dr. Insano always has a way to ruin your day...with SCIENCE! What he lacks in elaborate costumes, he more than makes up for with persistance, even once coming close to destroying coming close to destroying all of Hypertime with the Anti-Comic equation, known only as Warrior #1. But that was an Elseworld story, so no one really cares about that.
#4 Doc Mock. Doc Mock has a masoleum, and he kept movies there so nobody could see 'em. But many years passed, and the time has finally come to bring the movies out to have a little fun. Cause these are the kind of movies that never go out of style, so why don't you sit back and enjoy yourself for a while. THe Doctor is in, and he's got something to say, " These crazy movies are going to blow you away." Doc Mock Host "Doc Mock's Movie masoleum, an internet show similar to Mystery Science Theater 3000 if crossed with Space Ghost, Coast to Coast. Every Friday night at 10 P.M. PST, 1 A.M. EST, Doc Mock has a celebrity guest join him, Miss Diagnosis, his lovely asissntant, and Lickey, the control booth monster, to watch old movies on their live stream show. Be sure to check in tomorrow for their return from their break, and be sure to watch the previous ten episodes on their website.
That does it for part one of my Favorite Mad scientists turn in tomorrow for part two.

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