Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Webcomics you're probably not reading

I feel that seven days is enough time to wait until my second entry in this project. Without further delay, here it comes, 5 more webcomics that I feel I need to inflict on the world

MSpaint Adventures:
You are sitting in front of your computer, with your favorite search engine open. What do you do?
> Search for clever web comic that relies on its fans to suggest the next action that should be taken

The top result is for "Your web comic is bad, and you should feel bad" You feel cheated by the search engine and the idiot who suggested this action. What shall you do now
>Quite dicking around and just go to MSpaint Adventures
You are faced with the first page of a new adventure. Your task, name this child.
This is how the latest adventure starts. With four adventures in it's archives, with one complete, and one active, Homestuck. Very reliant on in jokes from previous adventures, and with an incredibly extensive archive, the major drawing factor of this comic is the user generated commands. Every adventure is presented like a classic point and click adventure in the vein of Monkey Island and day of the Tentacle. A unique experience you'll have trouble duplicating
is when the author uses your suggestion

Daisy Owl: Daisy Owl is one of the most serene web comics I've come across on the entire internet so far. It's stars Daisy and her brother Cooper as they are raised by their single adoptive Father. Did I mention he was an Owl? It's your standard slice of life sitcom, with the occasional awareness that their father is a talking owl who is best friends with a bear working in a honey factory run my a giant Queen Bee. If your tired of all the over the top, expletive laced comics you find every where else, give this soothing strip a chance.
Lil'formers: What started out as a bunch of single panel comics about Transformers most people wouldn't recognize has evolved in to a bunch of single panel comics about Transformers most people wouldn't recognize and with the occasianal multi-panel comic about more well known properties ranging from Megaman to Battle Star Galactica to more obscure references like the Centurions or Visionaries. With adorable art work and a nostalgia factor for thise young at heart, you'd be a fool to pass this up.Hijinks Ensue: Another pop culture Centric one here. The Main players in this are A stright White guy with a beard, a straight Mexican guy with a beard, and a gay White guy with a beard. Joel, Eli, and Josh, in case you were wondering what their names were, cover pretty much anything that cathches their interest, which might be why I like it so much. I'll let the final panel from one of their early comics speak for their interests as a whole. Rooster Teeth: Did you know that the guys behind Red vs. Blue, the most Awesome thing to happen to Halo, also have a web comic? Well they do, and it's great. Imagine Penny Arcade, only set in an office with the added bonus of trying to pin each character with their RvB counterpart. Seriously though, if your a fan of either party you owe it to yourself to visit thier website and browse thier archive.

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