Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Marvel vs Capcom 3 roster is Locked, Stocked and somehow barreled.

Okay, I probably stretched for that last part of the title, but my point still stands. The standard 38 characters, as well as the first two DLC/Pre-order bonus characters have been revealed, and so has the Final Boss. Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the power of ...GALACTUS!!!

Galactus is so strong, he doesn't K.O. your team, he K.O.'s the Planet. Specifically if you are on your last teammate and have only 10 seconds left. Backing him up are two Cosmic versions of evil characters. You will have to face off against a dual fight against a combination of either Dr. Doom, Albert Wesker, Akuma, or Dormmamu, boosted by the powers of Galactus to Herald status, giving them a nice chrome finish.

With two weeks left until release, here's how the roster looks:

On the Marvel Side we have:
* Captain America
* Iron Man
* Spider-Man
* Thor
* Wolverine
* X-23
* Storm
* Jean Grey
* Hulk
* She-Hulk
* Deadpool
* Dr. Doom
* Magneto
* Super Skrull
* Taskmaster
* Sentinel
* M.O.D.O.K.
* Dormmamu
* Shuma Gorath
With Galactus as the Final Boss

On the Capcom side we have:
* Ryu
* Chun Li
* Akuma
* Crimson Viper
* Mike Haggar
* Morrigan
* Felicia
* Hsei Ko
* Sir Arthur
* Zero
* Tron Bonne
* Dante
* Trish
* Nathan Spencer, The Bionic Commando
* Chris Redfield
* Albert Wesker
* Jill Valentine
* Viewtiful Joe
* Amaterasu

Now all that's left is to wait to see wait comes out as DLC. The most likely predictions are Frank West, more costumes, and at least two characters who have never been playable in a MvC game. Frank cover the Capcom side of that equation, but who can tell will be in the Marvel side?

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