Saturday, December 11, 2010

Webcomics that I've been reading that I think you should too

It's been a while since I've done one of these. There's a pretty good reason for that, and it is this: I do not actively look for new webcomics and am incredibly lazy. I realize that in the past I made promises to add more webcomics to make up for ones I forgot, or made personal notes to edit past ones so that every one had at least three entries. I am not doing that anymore. Big surprise. Any way, on with the show.

Mushroom Go: This is what you get when you make a manga out of Super Mario Brothers and only use that as a sort of framing device. It's a lot better than I thought it would be. It offers very reasonable explanations for a lot of things, particularly Power Ups and the mysterious Shy Guys. So far they've only done the equivalent of one and a half arcs. Really small arcs. In fact, there are only 44 pages up right now, at the time of this posting. I suppose I should go into some detail on the subject. Go is found in the middle of the desert. Go is a toad, in the sense that he's one of those guys who wears a mushroom hat. He has amnesia. WAIT! DON'T LEAVE NOW! So he's rescued by a crew of sand pirates on a magic boat known as The Chainless. The Crew is composed of McCoy, a Raven from Yoshi Islnad, and second in command, Palma, a Pianta from Super Mario Sunshine, Guy, a Shy Guy, and Captain Martello, a koopa. After the requisite hazing episode, they're off on there first, and so far current adventure, raiding an abandoned weapons lab. In only 44 pages, they've managed to get me very invested, as well as throw in a lot of references.
Three Panel Soul: Really just this Kitschy webcomic that I like. Really nothing else to say about the matter.

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