Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Marvel vs Capcom announcement

Alright, so last post I was predicting new characters, or at least characters that would be in MvC3:FTW. And I was right, at least, about Storm coming back. I feel I should explain why I predicted Howard the Duck would be in it.

As you can see, this is a possible character select screen, or at least roster list, of characters that will be in MvC3. And in the top right corner, we have Howard the Duck. Now, I have no idea when this image surfaced, but obviously it was before Strider was deconfirmed. But the rest of the list still seems very solid. Granted it doesn't take much imagination to jump to he conclusion that Storm would return, but if you look carefully, you'll see that C.Viper is at the mirror spot of her. And who was just announced today along side Storm? Crimson Viper! Also on the list are Shuma Gorath, She-Hulk, Zero, and Haggar. Yes, I do know Haggar hasn't been confirmed, but he hasn't not been confirmed either. And you saw that picture in my last post. What person would go out of there way to take a Halloween party photo from Capcom HQ and put a MvC3 style version of Mayor of Metro City, Mike Haggar in there? Point is, they all were confirmed later on.
The only problem is that Capcom said there would only be forty characters, and this image has 21. Maybe they meant forty on the launch date, with two being DLC for down the line. Also, this image lacks some of the characters I predicted, namely Zangief, Dan Hibiki, Cyclops and Blackheart. Now, I can understand Cyclops, Blackheart, and even Dan not being there, but to deny the world a showdown between the Red Cyclone and the World's Most Bad Ass Mayor is just criminal. Also, obviously, this predicts several characters that I did not. Thanos, Ms. Marvel, and Spider-Woman for the Marvel side, and Red Arremer, Frank West, and the previously mentioned Viper and Strider. Obviously Strider has been replaced with Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil series, sporting her look (and loyalty?), from RE5. I will admit that in the past, I hoped for Frank West to show up in this, like he did for he American Release of Tatsunoko vs Capcom, and according to this, he will. This makes sense, since Zero and Viewtiful Joe also premiered in TvC as well. Red Arremer of course is from the Ghosts and Goblins series, as is Sir Arthur, my personal favorite addition. This should be interesting, since Red Arremer had his own series of games, Gargoyles Quest, but in those he was known as Firebrand and exhibited the ability to change forms, at least in the last one, Demon's Crest. He also appears in the Backgrounds of several stages, just Like Tron Bonne does in her own. Only time will tell if he gets an upgrade from Cameo to fighter.
Now on the Marvel side, we have the return of Thanos, a former Boss character from Marvel Super Heroes demoted to fighter for MvC2. This one leaves me at least a little bothered. We already have Dormmamu, do we really need someone of this caliber in here as well. Especially since the plot seems to say that Doom and Wesker have teamed up to do something evil, and I doubt they could recruit Thanos. Whatever, never mind, let's look at the other two additions. Ms. Marvel seems like a good idea, since she should play like Rogue, since the Latter stole her powers. She's also apparently pretty important nowadays, being the leader of the Avengers, last time I checked. Spider-Woman has also been in the spotlight recently, having been replaced by the Skrull Queen during Secret Invasion. Wouldn't that make for some interesting interactions between her and Super Skrull. I know that she can fly, and has some sort of laser blast, so she might be able to work. And she would bring them up to five female characters on the Marvel side. That's just as many as were in MvC2, and with fewer stupid ones, like Spiral or Marrow. Of course, I have no idea if this picture is real or not, and it might just be a very good creation with some lucky guesses, but I do hope that it's real, and that more characters will be added in down the line.

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