Friday, May 7, 2010

Iron Man 2 Review

Well, I suppose I promised myself that I'd do a review, so here it is. Now, I should mention that I saw this at the midnight showing, so, my recollection may not be up to par. So, without further ado, on with the show.
I suppose I should start with the new characters. We are first introduced to Ivan Vanko, son of Anton Vanko, in a Siberian slum as they watch Tony Stark announcing the Stark Expo. Ivan then watches his father pass away while cursing the Stark family name. You see, the Arc reactor Tony came up with in the last one was actually a collaborative effort between his father and Anton, so Ivan was raised to believe that he and his father had been slighted, with Howard Stark taking all the credit for the work Anton contributed. This character did not get nearly enough screen time, in my opinion. They really wasted the whole "what could have been" character, they never really focused on that aspect. I suppose they might have done that because it's been over done in their opinion. But beside that, I don't think he had enough lines of dialogue. This might have something to do with his heavy Russian accent, which was so thick, even the other characters had trouble understanding him. We're told that he is a physicist, but the only evidence we have is, well, the arc reactor he builds in his house. And while this is certainly impressive, I just feel it hard to believe that this man who apparently was raised in Siberia got a good enough education to play Mad Scientist. I can accept playboy Tony Stark, because he grew up with wealth, so he did have this opportunity. But enough of Villain number one, now we have to deal with his benefactor and Rival to Tony, Justin Hammer.
Justin Hammer in the comics is apparently an old man, so it's a good thing they got Sam Rockwell for this role. This is the character that probably stole the most of Ivan's character development. And if it weren't for Rockwell's excellent performance and soothing voice, I don't think he would be as enjoyable a character. He was a well written character, and I'm sure other actors could have portrayed him well, but it was Rockwell who really did the job. He is, like Ivan, another example of what Tony could have been, if he had fewer scruples. I think they did a better job of that with him, rather than Ivan. His main perpose in the movie is to give Ivan the resources he needs to get revenge on Tony, as well as bringing forth War Machine. All I can say about him is that I hope to see more of him in future movies.
That leaves only one new character left, the Black Widow. She may be the character who was the least necessary. Since she's undercover most of the time, she gets next to no development and serves only as eye candy. Could they have axed her character all together and replaced the scene where she breaks into Hammer Industries with Nick Fury? Probably, though then we wouldn't have gotten the fake sexual tension between her and Tony. I don't mean to knock her looks, but I really couldn't tell her from some of the other Red headed women in this movie, besides Pepper Potts. Her only purpose was too give a report on Tony at the end of the movie, and that could easily have been achieved by having any other Shield field agent spy on him. And I suppose I can't help but mention this, but I'm sure more than one nerd was upset that she didn't have a Russian accent, or really any hint of being Russian, unless I missed something.
Well, this thing is starting to drag, I think I'll post my thoughts on the recurring characters, or maybe the plot later down the line.

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