Monday, May 31, 2010

Another Round of Webcomics

Great!: "Great!" is the story of the life of one man's journey for greatness after losing everything. This one is really great, and really obscure. This is probably because of it's name. The series itself can be found on "Kiwis by Beat", Ryan Armand's personal website for his comics. The story itself begins with Mr. Phipps losing his job, wife, apartment, and worldly possessions. These early comics can be hard at times to read, just watching Our hero go through Jobian levels of loss. But this never breaks his can do spirit, and after what could be anything from months, he is eventually taken off the streets by the daughter of a Master Ramen chef and swears that he will become the best Ramen chef himself, after his boss himself, of course. What follows is basically an accelerated life story, going from youth, adulthood, all the way to middle age.
The comics themselves are presented in quite the unique way. Pages can have a few strips, up to a weeks worth of any other websites. This excuses the single day update schedule it has, but it keeps the audience wanting more. So even though there are only 77 pages, that's over 200 for any other comic, at least if you go by a multiple of three. The actual number of strips depends on the page, from anywhere between what could be called six comic strips to one big picture, though those are saved for more emotional conclusions or the introduction page. This is probably because it's a scan of a page with the comcis drawn on them, which helps you to see the division between comics.
Manly Guys doing Many things: Another video game based webcomic, this one focussed on an employment agency for what could best be described as out of work bad asses. So you've got guys like Kratos working for an electronics store, and Dante Aligheri working at a retirement center teaching needle point. The biggest draw would have to be the art, by coelasquid. Her art could be described as SERIOUS BUSINESS! There are only three original characters: Commander Badass, the guy trying to get these psychos acclimated back to a normal life, Jared Kowalski: The Worlds Worst Pokemon Trainer, who chose a magikarp as his starter and general intern at the agency, and the woman who walks by the temp agency every now and then, she doesn't have a name.
The comic is still pretty new, with only four months of comics, but it does have some extra comcis from coelasquid. And after you've read all of those, you can just go to her Devianty Art page and look at more of her stuff. Just remember, the punchline is always Machismo!

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