Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Well, here it is

The first official trailer for Green Lantern. I'd like to say I'm hyped, but I just have some problems with it. I plan on doing a second by second review of this thing, sort of in the spirit of Trailer Failure.
00:13 Okay, hardly ten seconds in to the trailer and we have my first problem with this trailer. The "love 'em and leave 'em" depiction of Hal. I'm not sure how he's characterized in comics today, but I'm sure this isn't it. But then again, I go by the Silver Age story, though I'm sure there were never many One Night Stands in Hal's stories. Moving on.
00:21 Gah. That delivery was so wooden from Carol. Okay, it's only one line, I'm sure it's not going to be this bad throughout.
00:29 Okay, is that Carol Ferris or not? Huh, guess not. Sorry about that before, minor character who I'm sure will have no significance to the plot.
00:48 Wait, was that The Power Ring!? I'm guessing it is. Sure can't be Abin Sur's space ship, since we see that at 00:51, and doesn't look green at all
00:57 Fuck yes! Abin fucking Sur! Looking good, much better than you did in Green Lantern: First Flight. You're alien enough to the eye, but not grotesque in any way.
1:16 Finally a good look at the ring. I'm liking it so far. Looks like the Alien Tech that it is.
1:28 Tomar-Re is also pretty darn acceptable. I guess I was wrong, this is looking pretty darn good, all things considered.
1:29 And we get our first look at Sinestro as well. Nice.
1:34 Who are you?
1:36 And Why are you holding the Lantern? Don't tell me you're Thomas Kalmaku. I know Thomas Kalmaku. He is a close personal friend of mine.

You, Sir, are no Thomas Kalmaku.
1:41 Wait, so you are Carol Ferris? Then why were you flying that plane earlier? So confused.
1:43 Oh neat, a slightly-larger-than-usual fist. Also you mentioned earlier that you could create anything you can imagine, or something along those lines? So I guess we won't have the "do anything you want" variety of Power Rings then? Fine.
1:45 Hey neat, it's Dr. Clayton Forrester! You gonna shoot Hal into space inside a Dog Bone shaped Rocket?
1:51 WHAT?! What do you mean you aren't fearless? Gah, stupid need for character development in movies nowadays. Back in 1959, you freely admitted to being fearless. That was the whole point of making you a Test Pilot. To show that you had balls of Steel! I'd expect this kind of talk from Kyle Rayner, but not you Hal. As a matter of fact, I'd expect the bed hopping and irresponsibility from him too. And age range as well, come to think of it. Movie, are you trying to combine the two of these characters in to one? If I find out Hal has a secret passion for drawing , I will be very upset. Granted, it would be very hard to have Kyle in at all, considering his origins as the Green Lantern rest firmly on Hal's fall from glory. Fine, have your Cake and eat it too. Just don't let me catch you doing this sort of thing again.
1:52 Gah! Giant Head! But seriously, he's our villain? Sorry, I haven't read the Giant Head part of Hector Hammond's life yet. Maybe it's just as threatening as his steal the Power Ring phase.
1:54 What are you shooting at?
2:07 Our first look at Hal, fully suited up. I liked your costume from the get go, so you've got no complaints from me. Also, a better look at the Battery/Lantern thing. But nothing the Entertainment tonight clip didn't have, for the most part. It was better video quality though, so I will give you that.
2:24-26 Way to give me the Lantern Oath blue balls, trailer.

But yeah, all in all, it looks good. Not nearly as good a trailer as some other Comic movies (Iron Man, The Dark Knight), and there are some problems with it that I pointed out, and I'm not sure if anyone other than Green Lantern fans even know who Hector Hammond is. Even I didn't know about him until I started to read the comics, though I guess GL doesn't have much of a stock of villain he can use. Let's just hope that a better trailer comes out at a later date.

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