Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WEBCOMIS! Have you seen them?

I am really not very good at this blog thing, am I? No, empty void that is my reader base, I'm not. Well, I suppose I should back to work. Back to chronicling webcomics I'm fairly certain you aren't reading.

Boxer Hockey: What do you get when you cross Soccer with Polo with a Dash of Greco-Roman Wrestling and then threw in a genetically engineered frog in for the hell of it? Just the most awesome sport ever, that's what! Boxer Hockey Follows the American Team in the World Boxer Hockey League, Mechanical Penguin, as they rise in the ranks. The Team consists of Team Captain Skip, his wingmen Rittz and Billy Burrito and there goalie, Charlie, as well as Coach Tim Selleck. Who is totally NOT Tom Selleck of Magnum P.I. fame. Like many webcomics, it has gone through a bit of a rough patch, but it has been updating on a regular basis of once per week as of late. The art can be best described as abstract at times, with facial expressions distorting in to hilarious grimaces akin to those I'm most familiar with from Great Teacher Onizuka.

Ménage à 3: How long has it been since I talked about a webcomic which can be best described as Mature? I think it was all the way back in my first "Webcomics you probably haven't heard of." Unless we're counting the work of S. Saukrai, but this is more in between the two. While there is A LOT more nudity then Intragalctic, it still isn't as raunchy as Oglaf. Menage a 3 is your basic sitcom webcomic, centered on Gary, a down on his luck would be cartoonist who comes home one day to find his roommates ready to move out, leaving him with no one else to help pay rent. Luckily for him, they had the foresight to set out a want ad for new roomates. So before long he winds up with punk rock chick Suzi Aka Zii and Buxom French Canadian Desiré aka DiDi. Now as I mentioned this is a mature webcomic, with lots of female nudity and sex humor, but that 's really all there is. Theres no violence to speak of (except when it's funny) and the language is toned down (that or I've become desensetized to vulgarity). I don't want to go too in depth with the plot, so lets just say it's your standard "Guy trying his hardest to lose his virginty" story and be done with it. As for updates, at three strips per week with a very good consistency when it comes to sticking to this schedule, I have to commend Ménage à 3 for beign able to do something 90% of my the other comics haven't, and that's keeping up with Penny Arcade. Granted it's still ony around three years old, and may slip up a bit later down the line, but for now I'll enjoy it on a weekly basis.

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